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If you live in Wales and are unable to access internet or have internet through the traditional copper phone line and the speed is less than 10Mbps, the Welsh Government has a grant available that will help fund the cost of installing an alternative internet connection. The fund could cover 100% or part of the kit and installation.

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Fill in our Elidgeability Quick Check form and answer a few simple questions and we will come up with a range of solutions get you online witha a reliable fast internet connection!

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Only Welsh postcodes can apply - check at this point


We offer a range of options from 4G/5G, Starlink & Shared Internet Agreements

Step 1 – Tell us who you are, what you currently have and what problems you’re having.

Step 2 – We will check/confirm what is available in your area and at your property. In most situation, we will need to do a site visit to check things like Mobile Phone Coverage, Obstructions & Accessibility. 

Step 3 –  We confirm we can provide a solution and provide a quote unique to your situation.

Step 4 – You fill out the application on the Welsh Government Website and await a reply confirming if you have been accepted.

Step 5 – We come out, install the option that has been offered.

Step 6 – You pay our invoice.

Step 7 – You provide the invoice to the Welsh Government and they re-imburse you the amount applied for.

We also offer consulting services, fully managed networks, IT support services, CCTV systems, audio & visual installations, and internet & telephone services.

We work with and install Starlink for business and power users in Wales.

Starlink is fast becoming the default go to option for an alternative internet connection for individuals/families and business that are struggling with a reliable internet connection.

To check current subscription prices for Starlink services please goto their website If you get stuck, you can contact us for help and we can guide you through it.

Starlink is designed to be a self-install solution.

There are circumstances where you may need our help:

the kit might need to be installed at height and require further brackets or holes need to be drilled through walls.

You have a wifi system setup already and you need help to integrate this solution.

You feel you will be unable to do the installation yourself and need help

You’re a business and you need another company to come along and install it for you 

4G / Mobile Data (pictures of Mobile Phone Masts in the country side)

What can you do to help customers?

4G technology, also known as fourth-generation technology, is a wireless communication technology that provides faster data transmission speeds and improved network reliability compared to previous generations like 3G. With 4G, users can experience higher bandwidth, lower latency, and better overall performance when streaming videos, downloading files, and using interactive applications on their mobile devices.

This advanced technology allows for seamless connectivity, enabling users to stay connected to the internet while on the go with minimal interruptions. 4G technology has revolutionized the way people communicate, work, and access information, making it an essential component of today’s digital world.

If you’re in an area where you cannot get Fixed line internet speeds of 10Mbps or above, WiFiSetup could use this as an alternative option.

4G Connectivity has its limits, just like most wireless technologies.


Download speeds could be as high as 80Mbps

Lots of cheaper options available on the market

Plenty of different operators offer 4G subscriptions making the market for a service competitive



Download and upload speeds can be impacted by weather

If you live in a “holiday destination area” you may find your service slows down considerably during “holiday Season”.

Lots of different types of equipment to choose from on the market which could make things difficult for end users to pick the correct kit they need for their environment.

Depending on the area you live in, you need to be around 1-3 miles away from a transmitter to pick up a 4G Connection in rural environments, but buildings and trees will weaken the signal you receive which will result in unstable, slower connection speeds.


WiFiSetup will perform an initial desktop survey of the 4G/5G signal coverage in your area and will normally visit to confirm to take measures of signal levels.  

Shared internet agreements is another potential option. This really only seems to apply to people or business that are situated in extremely rural environments where there maybe lots of obstructions or where there are other reason why 4G or Starlink internet connections might not work.

If you have neighbours who have a suitable internet connection that you can see visually from your property, we could possibly beam a connection to you, sharing there internet connection.

WiFiSetup could assess this potential here and deploy the necessary equipment to make this work, but both parties would have to be willing to co-operate to reach an agreement.  

WiFiSetup would not make contact with a person or business on your behalf, you would have to get permission first for this option to be viable.



Could be a very cheap monthly commitment for the internet service

You could get download and upload speeds of upto 1000Mbps



Equipment needs to be installed at the source internet connection location that would transmit a wireless signal to your property. If their power goes off or their internet connection is interrupted, you will your connection too.

Fall outs with people do happen so they may cut you off.

Any agreements between individuals will most likely not be legally binding.

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